1 vmdebug vmTime: time to load config: 0.0119011402130127

2 vmdebug vmTime: time to import plugins vmuserfield: 4.1961669921875E-5

3 vmdebug getVendorId normal shopper

4 vmdebug My Memory Limit in Bytes 1073741824

5 vmdebug vmTime: sortSearchQuery products: random: 0.00238204002380371

6 vmdebug SSL enabled

7 vmdebug vmTime: Time consumed for shipment/payment plugins: 1.59740447998047E-5

Articles Scroller Addon

Article Scroller is a great addon to display your site's articles. The unique style of this addon lets you present your articles elegantly. You can control which article to show, the layout, the design, the typography, and the color of the News Ticker or News Scroller.

Choose from the 2 Modes: News Ticker or News Scroller

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