1 vmdebug vmTime: time to load config: 0.0208089351654053

2 vmdebug vmTime: time to import plugins vmuserfield: 5.50746917724609E-5

3 vmdebug getVendorId normal shopper

4 vmdebug My Memory Limit in Bytes 1073741824

5 vmdebug vmTime: sortSearchQuery products: random: 0.00481510162353516

6 vmdebug SSL enabled

7 vmdebug vmTime: Time consumed for shipment/payment plugins: 2.00271606445312E-5

Longest Range.The Safest Cars Ever.Active Safety.Unparalleled Performance.Full Self-Driving.

Quickest Production Car on Earth.

0 km/h
Under 6 seconds
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